Thursday, 29 July 2021

Arncliffe, public school

Arncliffe Public School is located along the Princes Highway, in the southern suburb of Arncliffe. It was established in 1861 as the West Botany School. The name was changed to Arncliffe Public School in 1885 with heritage listed buildings such as this one constructed in the early twentieth century.


  1. The red brick, double storey primary school reminds me of my own school back in the early 1950s. Lots of babies born when their fathers returned in Dec 1945, so the old schools had to be functional.

  2. Looks like my grade school and also my high school. I like that type of school building

  3. Replies
    1. It's a long building at the back and there are other buildings on the campus.

  4. This is a fine looking school building. Is it still operating as a school? Thank you for your recent comments on my blog.

    1. Yes it is a primary school for Kindergarten to Year 6 students.

  5. It definitely looks like a school, good that it's still being used as such.


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