Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Dulwich Hill, Waratah Mills, light rail stop

 A tram waits at Waratah Mills light rail stop, located at the end of Weston Street, in the inner west suburb of Dulwich Hill. This stop is on the Central to Dulwich Hill line of the Sydney Light Rail Network. 


  1. Interesting how so many places in Sydney have the same name as places in London. But not surprising I guess.

    1. Yes, so many early European residents named their estates after places in England. Those estates later lent their name to the suburbs that developed there.

  2. When Sydney lost its tramway system last century, it was a shocker. But these light rail services look equally silent, petrol free and classy.

  3. Cool tram. I have a friend in Sydney so one day I hope to see this tram :)


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