Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Coogee, Dolphin Point

Looking across the northern part of Coogee Beach to Dunningham Park and the doorway to Giles Baths at Dolphin Point, in the eastern suburb of Coogee. It's late autumn but we're still having some warm beach days.


  1. Well, for some reason this is not letting me sign into my Google account. I just wanted to mention that this is a most familiar spot for an American who has spent only two weeks in Sydney, way back in 2003. My daughter spent a semester studying abroad in her junior year of college, and chose UNSW in Sydney. She and seven other international students rented a house on Vicar Street, one block from this stretch of Coogee Beach (and right next to a rollicking bar!). Fun seeing it here today. Jack

    1. Great to hear about your experience with Coogee and the beach, Jack.

  2. Nothing is more pleasant than the warm autumn sun!

  3. Looks great, I still hope to visit one day.

  4. I'm hoping to enjoy a Florida beach this coming weekend!


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