Monday, 16 May 2022

North Bondi, beach

Looking across the beach to Biddigal Reserve and apartments to Ben Buckler, in the eastern suburb of North Bondi. Some colourful murals decorate the walls behind Wally Weekes Pool, the seawater pool which is currently empty.


  1. Half a world away I have even heard of Bondi Beach. Wonderful mural.

    1. Bondi Beach is probably our most famous city beach. There's a factual TV show called Bondi Rescue about the lifeguards on this beach which is popular around the world.

  2. Huge mural, looks very colourful. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Jim.

  3. That's a good mural and the people who live on that hill must get an amazing view over the beach.

  4. It's really, really colorful. I had to enlarge it to see it in all its glory.

  5. Thanks for joining in #Allseasons. Please comment on the post before yours.

  6. Loving the colorful mural on the fabulous beach! I hear a lot about this one on tv but never really got such an overall view.


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