Monday, 3 October 2022

Cockle Bay Wharf, Whale Tales

 "Whale Tales" is an art trail event featuring 30 whale tail sculptures installed around Sydney Harbour from Barangaroo to Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour and Blackwattle Bay. The artwork created by 30 different artists will be auctioned to raise money for The Kids’ Cancer Project. These sculptures were located at Cockle Bay Wharf and Tumbalong Park at Darling Harbour.


  1. My favorite is the first one, followed by the last one.

  2. You certainly have a collection of different whale tail designs. Impressive

  3. My favorite this week is the last one. However, I didn't understand "18 Summer's Left," which reads as possessive. That was my least favorite of all the whale tales I've seen. The background is gorgeous, like the night sky.

  4. Great "tails" again. My favourite is the first one. 18 Summer's left for what? I wonder... Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Jim.

    1. The artist has created this as a warning about what might become of the world with no viable alternatives to fossil fuels, no clean water, and a world that can not feed its own population.

  5. belle idée ces créations qui peuvent transmettre l'idée aux passants de protéger nos océans en danger * nous sommes tous concernés


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