Thursday 22 January 2009

Tempe, Cooks River

This view across the Cooks River to the inner west suburb of Tempe, is from the southern suburb of Wolli Creek. It features industrial and commercial developments with the skyline dominated by a large concrete water tower. The Cooks River can look quite picturesque and it was once a popular resort, with large crowds attracted for swimming and boating on the river, until it became too polluted by industrial estates further upstream. Later, part of the suburb became landfill, colloquially known as 'Tempe Tip' which has now been redeveloped for commercial use with some beautiful parklands near the river. 


  1. If landfill sites have been correctly managed they can be turned over to lovely recreation areas, as you say. Looking at your photo with the water and the boats it's hard to square that with Tempe Tip..interesting post.

  2. Function over form, one surmises. My mother was born and raised in Tempe - Collins Street along the railway line.

    Yet again, an interesting post where text and image work together, Jim.

  3. It may not be your most glamorous suburb, but the photo conveys the warmth of your summer, in contrast to the cold weather here in the UK!


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