Thursday, 8 January 2009

Manly, Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach is located in the northern suburb of Manly. Not to be confused with the other Shelly Beach in Sydney, in the southern suburb of Cronulla. This one is close to North Head of Sydney Harbour and a locality known as Fairy Bower. On the western point of the beach is a famous surf break known as the "Bower". Shelly Beach is the only inland facing ocean beach on the east coast of Australia.


  1. What a fascinating little tit-bit. I looked it up on G-maps ... good old Google ...

    Every Saturday morning I take my aged father on an excursion around the city somewheres. Must take in North Head and Fairy Bower. It sure is tucked around that corner.

    What did you think of the end of the cricket last night? Peter Roebuck is a bit of a drip that drops each way, in my opinon ...

  2. Fairy Bower is a really nice spot. I went to a restaurant there last year with the most beautiful views. I think there's a couple of restaurants/cafes right on the beach there.

    It was a nerve-wracking end to the cricket yesterday. I feel devastated that Australia's cricketing crown has slipped.

  3. Yes, I think there will be a few people (our age) who will be devastated. However, you have to know when to move on in life and some of our cricketers don't know that. I think that the Selectors should shoulder a lot of the responsibility too. Give the young guys the Ashes in England and the team will be totally different this time next year. Hope so ...

  4. It is exceptionally clear water. Welcome to the cdp, have fun.

  5. This is a great swimming beach. Not bad for a bit of a leisurely snorkel either. I'm glad that I stumbled upon here, I like spotting places that I haven't been for a while.

    You’ve posted some really lovely images here.


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