Friday, 9 January 2009

North Bondi, surf life saving club

This Surf Lifesaving Club sits behind the sand along Campbell Parade, in the eastern suburb of North Bondi. It is north of the iconic Bondi Beach and features many flats overlooking the beach. 


  1. Ever sat out on the Ben Buckler peninsula when a gale has been blowing. That is when you see the power of nature. I sit out there - in the car - with my father during winter storms. We both love the drama!

  2. Sounds exciting Julie. I've never done that but I've experienced some wild storms around Cronulla and Botany Bay. There's supposed to be a King Tide this Monday 12th January, with the peak at 9:50am, which might be a good photo opportunity around the waterways.

  3. North Bondi has not changed much.
    I lived there in 1972.
    Good pics thanks.
    How's Palm Beach these day's J?

  4. I'd say Palm Beach has changed a lot too since 1972 but probably not as much as North Bondi, which is so close to the city. I'll try and get to Palm Beach for some some shots, at some stage.

  5. I have a flat in Bondi. The streets and houses are looking a bit shabby, but the beach and coffee shops are still sensational.


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