Thursday, 7 May 2009

Shakespeare Place

 The Shakespeare Memorial, created in 1926, is dedicated to poet and playwright William Shakespeare and features some of his more famous literature characters. It sits in Shakespeare Place between the State Library and Morsehead Fountain Gate to the Botanic Gardens. This area was actually once part of the Botanic Gardens but now sits between the on and off ramps of the Cahill Expressway that connect it to the city. This monument could also be seen in yesterday's photo of Morshead Fountain, at far left, looking towards the State Library.


  1. Ah yes, that makes more sense when you say that area between BG and SL was once all a greensward. I should have thought of the myself. It just looks out of place at the moment. That whole area - between the two - could do with a makeover. With a point for existing.

    Yoo-hoo ... Clover ... !!! ????

  2. It really would be great if they could put those ramps underground and reconnect the Domain with the Botanic Gardens. It's a big ask but while they're at it, they need to move the Cahill Expressway from the Circular Quay foreshore and bury Circular Quay ralway station too. :)

  3. Taken a little by surprise with the Shakespeare link but it is a marvellous Memorial.

  4. This place has a fascinating history,that is great statues.
    Have a nice day.

  5. Nice photo blog. I love the curches and the statue of Captain Cook is magnificent.


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