Monday, 11 January 2010

Chippendale, pub

The Lansdowne Hotel is located on City Road close to the Broadway corner, opposite Victoria Park, in the inner city suburb of Chippendale. Nearby, on Broadway, the former English, Scottish and Australasian Bank built in 1930 is a bar, bistro and nightclub known as 202 Broadway.


  1. The Lansdowne is where my son and I regularly meet for lunch. They have a lovely bistro up the top and out the back.

    He gave me a run-down last time about how good the old bank vaults in the 202 are for being a DJ. The owners dont get fines for noise pollution because the vaults keep the noise in! Must be hard on the ears.

    The same owners for both buildings.

  2. The name strikes familiar to me. I thought it's the one I'd been to in Lithgow two years ago. Glad you included the location though I seldom go to Broadway. I'll take note of that. Thanks for the history Jim.

  3. I really hope you are partaking of their fare and not just viewing from the outside, Jim.

  4. Not in this case Ann, but I often do. :)


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