Thursday, 21 January 2010

Castlereagh Street, churches

These two churches sit side by side in Castlereagh Street. An old religion and a relatively new and sometimes controversial religion. The old sandstone St George's Presbyterian Church (top) was completed in 1860 and needs some restoration work, especially on some of the crumbling exterior sandstone features. Meanwhile the Church of Scientology building (bottom) next door is currently being renovated again and expanded.


  1. Is Pitt Street named after the famous British PM?

    Too bad the Scientology cult has landed there...

  2. What a contrast! The left building reminds me of St. Patrick's Cathedral stuck between two skyscrapers in Manhattan.

  3. I am not sure that I would classify the building on the right as a church, Jim. A cult perhaps ...

    However, the Presbyterian church which is just up from it is another thing. It always appears, so lost and unloved - and squashed. Did you notice the faded blue advert on the southern wall next to it?

    It is on my blog, probably under "Tattered Bookmarks". it is a lovely example which might stand the test of time, as I cannot see the church being bull dozed any time soon.

  4. Oops ... just checked my own reference here, Jim. I think these churches are on Castlereagh not Pitt.

  5. Will go with the old anytime :). Nice contrast Jim.

  6. Julie, oops indeed, thanks again. I made that mistake because the Presbyterian church runs between Castlereagh and Pitt and I was trying to get a shot of the Pitt Street side before posting but couldn't manage to find a time when it wasn't overshadowed by skyscrapers. I tried not to pass judgement on the Church of Scientology despite all the public debate because at this stage the government still recognises it as a church.

    Louis la Vache, yes, Pitt Street was named after the Bitish Prime Minister Willaim Pitt. He actually has a few places around Sydney named after him.

  7. There are a couple churches in my town that could be compared like that. Great idea

  8. The old sandstone church is wonderful; GORGEOUS!
    have a great week!
    ciao elvira

  9. Not so much the government, but the High Court recognised Scientology as a religion in 1983.

    This makes interesting reading

    I suspect it will be very difficult to overturn that decision, no matter what Xenophon raises when the Senate returns.

    To ME it is a cult ...

  10. Shame that lovely old church is now completely overshadowed and I'm with Julie on the cult thing.

  11. It's seems kind of a shame when zoning allows these (ugly) new uber-modern buildings to go in right next to beautifully designed historical structures. (Without even getting into religion or politics.) We've never been to Sydney, but have seen similar examples in other cities. Very interesting contrast!

  12. I like the one on the left, but the other one is too modern for my tastes. It IS a shame they are side by side.

  13. What a well done entry of yours.
    Agree with you about the duality of religion and the contrast in honesty.
    If I remember it well, back home, in Germany, the scientology cult is regarded as an "association", rather than a curch owning religion.
    Please have a nice Thursday.

  14. nice contrast
    Oh, I was thinking that today its friday...and adored to come can learn more
    have a nice day, dear

  15. Love to see architecture. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hello Jim!
    Thanks for your kind comment!

    ...a very lovely place you have there, with clear blue skies as backdrop!



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