Monday, 25 January 2010

Glebe, Wentworth Park

The Wentworth Park Sporting Complex is located in the inner west suburb of Glebe. It is best known for the greyhound racing track that has been here since 1932. This view of the art deco clock tower and track looks back towards the city office buildings and Sydney Tower features prominently in the background.


  1. Nice to learn that dogs are able to run fast on tracks, without a Tram in their way ;)

    A wonderful start into the new week for you.

  2. I didn't realize how huge this was until I saw some of the other things in the photo.

    It's quite attractive.

    Is dog racing still a viable sport in Sydney? There used to be a lot of it in Florida, but I think it's taken a back seat to other things - like casinos...

  3. Always love those clock towers. Great photo.

  4. Jacob, I think this may be the last dog track in Sydney. There has been talk of relocating the track to an outer suburb because the land so close to the city is so valuable to developers.

  5. Hello Jim,
    Thank you so much for Visiting my Rainbow's Story... I have been blessed beyond words... but words are what I have here to attempt to express with.

    My first contribution to SkyWatch Friday and I have experienced one of my most awesomely moving days with Blogger in response...
    I feel the Sky has extended it's thanks for finding my courage to include my, for now, Sky's Artwork recorded with my phone.

    You Jim, have presented me a door to open if I so choose because of your Visit to me.
    By me opening your Door, I have entered into the very realm I have been wondering about... Sydney Australia...

    Now with giving some time to your Invitation...
    I am responding to a photo of Wentworth Park Glebe in Sydney New South Wales, albeit a modern photo... but where my Parents, as WWII Refugee Immigrants came to Australia in 1950, with me on the way to be born in August 1951 in Paddington Women's Hospital...

    28 Wentworth Park Rd Glebe was where I began my Journey in Australia until I was about 9yrs and moved with my Parents to 100 St John's Road Glebe.

    Wentworth Park it self, in those days, was for me a Place of comfort and strengthening.
    From the Balcony of the then number 28, I would see a little of the Greyhound Races... and also the occasional furore of Sunday's Soccer Games.

    Thank you Jim....
    you have given me an enormous gift with your Visit to my Rainbow's Story.
    Deepest appreciation from Magda now in Queensland Australia.

  6. Magda, thanks for your comment and interesting background infirmation.


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