Saturday, 3 July 2010

State Library, Vivid Sydney, Macquarie Visions

The State Library of New South Wales on Macquarie Street featured light projections as part of Macquarie Visions at this year's Vivid Sydney Festival. The theme of the display was Words On The Street, featuring documents and words that showcase Australia and the people from 1810. The library is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and is home to many Macquarie items and artefacts.


  1. Hurrah for libraries. We have lovely libraries in Greensboro but I think this one is my newfound FAVORITE. Right now ours are in jeopardy as funding is such an issue. I'd love to see the inside of this beauty!


  2. I never tire of your beautiful light shots -- and libraries are among my very favorite places to hang out. So this is my favorite Vivid Sydney so far!

  3. Very cool. At first I thought you'd been playing around in Photoshop!

  4. Hi Jim

    Many thanks for your comment.

    You asked me about this link?...

    I probably meant I had you listed on Blogger's Follower fuction.

    I also do a German blog, where I have a German-language blogroll...

    Now forgive my terrible memory, but didn't I originally stumble across you commenting on some German blog somewhere?

    Or were you, as your message appeared to imply, merely using Google's Translation facility?

    It is very unusual to find a German-speaking Australian, unless they have Austrian, Swiss or German blood, that's why I was so curious...

    Wishing you all the very best


    in London

  5. How cool! What a terrific expo.

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  6. This is am amazing series of pictures.

  7. Hi J Bar,
    fantastici questi colori... mi piacciono molto le tue foto :-))
    Buona giornata.

  8. Holy COW! My daughter spend a few months in and near Sydney a couple years ago...brought home many lovely memories. Thanks for sharing! Fantastic!

  9. Superb project, wow ... lovely art !! And .. great pictures !
    Night pictures are my favourites together with vibrant lighting !!

    Thanks for your visits and comments, while I was unable to visit you back due to an injury.


  10. i discove yours night photos : fantastic

  11. This vivid Sydney thing looks like an incredible thing to see. Great shots!

  12. Wacko! Great stuff! All those light displays should be sponsored by the makers of memory cards.

  13. Very, very cool night photos of the State library with different colors and messages and especially the recent Opera House photos colored at night!

  14. The vivid Sydney is interesting!
    Very nice lights.

  15. Sydney is just going all out for these lighting shows. I love them. I wish Tulsa would do them.

  16. My dopey computer won't show me your latest post! Death to all computers!

  17. That's a bit harsh, Bruce. The next post escaped from me a bit early and I had to drag it back. Please try again after midnight.

  18. Amazing night shots! The colors are spectacular!

    Wish you a great weekend!

    Irene (Photography), Norway

  19. Wow these are awesome photos! My husband & I went for a ride on the city cat from the Regatta Hotel to South Bank in Brisbane a few weeks ago & they also project light images onto the bridges on the give such a wonderful effect. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Katherine, I've heard about those light projections on the bridge in Brisbane and look forward to seeing them sometime.


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