Monday, 17 June 2013

Walsh Bay, Vivid Sydney, Glitz

"Glitz" is an artwork that was created for this year's Vivid Sydney Festival, which ran from 24 May to 10 June 2013. It was created by Mark Hammer and Andre Kecskes using coloured lights and 100 mirrorballs suspended above one of the entrances from Hickson Road of the former warehouse buildings along Walsh Bay.


  1. Happy Blue Monday, Jim! Lovely blue disco lights :)
    Greetings from sunny Brisbane ~Pernilla

  2. Cue, Staying Alive by the Bee Gees. Nice one.

  3. Wow...what a gorgeous display and pretty blue.
    Happy Blue Monday!

  4. Good morning Jim, It was great to see a comment from you all the way from Sydney.

    The mirror balls display is stunning. Nice that it was 'blue' and a perfect post for today.

    Happy days to you way down under.

  5. The mirror balls are very captivating,sydney looks like an amazing place to tour.Check other awesome places around the world you can tour at

  6. Thanks for sharing this beautiful display of blue globes.

    Happy Blue Monday, Jim!

  7. A mirror ball is a glitzy glamorous thing Jim, but 100 of them altogether is something else :) fabulous image.

  8. Now talk about impressive...this is a GREAT shot...
    Happy Blues

  9. What a lovely sight that would be to see in person. Well done.

  10. Stunning! Thanks for the reminder of happy times, Jim - I recall (at around 11 years of age) helping my father create a mirror ball. He created a ball-shaped shell using chicken wire which we covered with papier mache before covering the entire sphere with 1 inch squares of mirror he'd previously cut up! Wishing you a happy week Jim.

    1. Creatng a home made mirror ball sounds like a fun project for kids.

  11. Like a great blue disco party! Impressive!


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