Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Customs House Square, Taronga Wild! Rhinos

This painted rhino sculpture is located in Customs House Square, on the corner of Alfred Street and Young Street. "R-BOT 4000" was created by Joel Gregory Cameron, making a statement on what happens if rhinos become extinct, that we will be forced to substitute them with robotic copies. It is part of the "Taronga Wild! Rhinos" public art exhibition located around the city until the end of April. All the rhinos will then be on display at The Star casino in Pyrmont from 10th May and they will be auctioned off on 14th May to raise funds for Taronga Zoo’s Black Rhino breeding program and conservation projects.


  1. Losing rhinos is a sad thought, but a robot rhino sounds pretty cool too.

  2. An impressive rhino and a fine way to get attention. A good cause!

  3. I did not know that the rhinos were so popular in Australia.


  4. Love the Rhino!

    Just trying to catch up from your visiting with me while I was attending a convention last week, and busy with hunting down the migrant birds in our area!

    Have a good week!!

  5. Love the metal armored rhino. I think he will get attention for the cause.

  6. It seems that many cities have taken to displaying artwork that features variations of an animal scattered throughout the metro area. Several cities in the U.S. have similar displays. I love this Rhino! Happy Ruby Tuesday Too.

  7. Good pic of it - hope you shot all them Rhinos!

    1. Certainly not all, but quite a few. There were way too many. I'm getting to the end of my collection.

  8. This rhino actually looks friendly, but I've read that the real beasts are actually rather ill-tempered.

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  9. great sculpture and photo! stopping by via Ruby Tuesday.


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