Saturday, 3 January 2015

Anzac War Memorial, Pool of Reflection

The Anzac War Memorial stands in Hyde Park South. This view is from the northern side, across the Pool of Reflection. The Art Deco building and pool wee built as a memorial to the Australian Imperial Force of World War 1.


  1. Everytime I see this memorial I'm stuck by the size of it Jim!

  2. What a lovely picture, Jim. The flowers in front of the pool and then the building....all well done.

  3. It certainly casts a beautiful and poignant reflection.

    1. Agreed. I think it was meant to remind us that we should stand quietly and reflect on the tragic slaughters that took place in our grandfathers' generation. Very poignant.

  4. I like this perspective and framing, nice reflections!

  5. That is a beautiful memorial... Happy new year !

  6. Great shot, Jim. I love that park and the memorial. Have a great year!
    Thanks for participating in Floral Friday Fotos, hope to see your work again in this week's edition!
    (PS: Another Friday meme you may enjoy is Friday Greens:


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