Saturday, 14 February 2015

Camperdown, University of Sydney, Wesley College

Wesley College is a residential college on the University of Sydney campus, in the inner city suburb of Camperdown. The main wing was designed by Byera Hadley and built Edwardian Gothic architectural style and opened in 1917 as a College of the Methodist Church in Australia. The Callaghan Wing was completed in 1922, the Cecil Purser Wing designed by Alan Dwyer in 1943 and Brewster Murray added the Wylie Wing in 1960. Further extensions were added in 1965 when Fowell Mansfield & Maclurcan increased the capacity of the Chapel and in 1969 when the same firm designed the Tutors Wing. It became a College of the Uniting Church in 1977. 
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  1. I cannot see the modern extensions in the photo, so they must have carefully integrated the old and new architecture. Perfect!

    1. Hels, yes the extensions were made in the same or similar style.

  2. Beautiful architecture, full of history and stories.

  3. I am enjoying this trip to Sydney via your blog since, at 70, I don't think I'll get back. My two days there, some 20 years ago, pre cruise, weren't enough for ample sightseeing.

  4. Very impressive Jim. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  5. Very nice shot. Happy Sunday to you!

  6. It,s a beautiful building. Have a great Sunday!

  7. What a beautiful building. I would feel very inspired to study there!

  8. Came across one of the first places he preached last year, showed it in my blog this week

  9. very cool architecture - love all the windows.
    sorry i am late to commenting it's been a busy crazy kind of weekend. have a great day!! Beth ( :

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