Thursday, 10 September 2015

Land Titles Office

This view of the Land Titles Office, which is located along Prince Albert Road, is from Queens Square at the top of Macquarie Street. This heritage listed building was designed by Walter Liberty Vernon and Edward Herbert Farmer and built in 1913 in the Neo-Gothic architectural style. 'Land and Property Information' is a state government department located here, responsible for the land title registry which defines the legal ownership and boundaries of land parcels throughout New South Wales.


  1. I like it. It looks as if there has been an addition in the attic area, Jim?

    1. It's quite possible that there have been alterations made to that level.

  2. I love Walter Liberty Vernon's work. Who would have asked for neo-Gothic just as WW1 was about to erupt - the state government? the architect? someone else?

  3. Nice building.

  4. Wow! One of my first jobs was in a land title company ... The building wasn't that beautiful!


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