Sunday, 6 December 2015

Pyrmont, Metcalfe Park

Metcalfe Park is located along Darling Island Road, on the shore of Pyrmont Bay, with the Sydney skyline in the distance. These three curious wooden structures are three of eight found around the perimeter of the park. They are public sculptures designed by Anton James as part of the redevelopment of Darling Island. They represent the timber buffers that can be seen around wharves in the harbour such as Circular Quay ferry wharves.


  1. Weird structures but the high rise buildings behind them make a statement. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like the linear qualities of the sculptures. They look so neat in front of those huge buildings. Nice shadowy time of the day under the trees.

  3. Would be interesting to know what these sculptures mean. Thank you for your comment and a nice greeting


  4. Not sure what they are but they are interesting.

  5. Very strange. They could serve as basketball backboards so maybe they're being stored in plain sight until the city fathers can figure out where they go.

  6. That's a shame that you can't find any info on what these pieces of public art are about (shame on the city for not putting it out there!). As it would be nice to know more about them-they do peak the curiosity.

    1. Paula, I even went back there this week to check for a plaque but there's nothing there. I might try writing to the local council.

  7. I've had some feedback from a contact at the City of Sydney and have updated the post now. They are public sculptures that represent wharf buffers.


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