Saturday 9 April 2016

Balmain East, Waterview Wharf Workshops

The Waterview Wharf Workshops are located on the shore of Mort Bay Nicholson Street, in the inner west suburb of Balmain East. The workshops were built in 1900 in the Edwardian architectural style by the Adelaide Steamship Company for ship maintenance and a repair base for their fleet. They were sold in 1964 and from 1979 to 1986 the buildings were inhabited by artists. They were then restored and converted into studio spaces for creative professional businesses and the site is now heritage listed by the National Trust.


  1. Love the colors...reminds me of Copenhagen

  2. Quite colourful by the water... a little like Scandinavian styles.

  3. I love those colours!!

    There is a long and proud history of painting buildings in bright colours, especially on islands, rivers and harbours. Have a look at 10 Enchanting Cities with Colourful Houses

    1. Very interesting, Hels. These buildings had been painted a pale cream/yellow until recently but the bright colours really make them stand out.

  4. Lovely scenery with colorful houses and in large panaorama, those very tall buildings! Lovely mix!

  5. Reminds me of jig saw puzzle I just finished.

  6. The colorful reflections are so nice and soft. A beautiful photo!

  7. Hello Jim, Love this colorful photo On the Waterview Wharfs. Charming and pretty.
    Happy Blue Monday.

  8. I love the contrast between these buildings and the skyscrapers in the background.


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