Saturday, 29 April 2017

Botanic Gardens, Obelisk Pond

The Allan Cunningham Obelisk is in the middle of this pond in the Royal Botanic Gardens. Allan Cunningham was an explorer, botanist and a Superintendent of the Botanic Gardens. A signpost and benches are located around the pond.


  1. lovely photo...the garden looks so serene

  2. Wonderful photo, makes me want to sit in this lovely place.

  3. Had to click to enlarge to get the best view. Lovely serene scene
    Have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  4. Beautiful spot in the park peaceful with these water reflections! Tried to get in a comment yesterday, but couldn't get through the "choose profile" thing.
    Thanks you much for sharing this lovely spot in the park with All Seasons! Have a great week!


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