Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Ashfield, Allman Park

Allman Park is located on the corner of Norton Street and Victoria Streets, in the inner west suburb of Ashfield. A memorial water fountain stands in the centre of the park surrounded by a fragrant garden. The plaque reads: Municipality of Ashfield, To the memory of Edward Albert Allman J.P. Alderman 1925 to 1944 Mayor 1938 to 1943, "True Greatness Comes By Service".


  1. Nice shot, but where's the water?
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  2. Nice symmetry buy both the gardener and the photographer.

  3. Lovely photo of the park ~ love the stone work ~ thanks, ^_^

    A Shutterbug Explores ~ aka (A Creative Harbor)

  4. That is a good looking monument/fountain - he must have been a great mayor. That was from an era when political leaders acted in the public interest instead of the politicians of today who want to be re-elected instead of serving...

    1. Yes, Ralph. I can't recall any mayors being honoured in this way in recent times.

  5. Great place to catch some peace in the hectic life of everyday.


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