Saturday, 12 January 2019

Australian National Maritime Museum, artwork

These inflatable artworks are located at the marina of the Australian National Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour, as part of the "On Sharks & Humanity" exhibition. "Stubborn Monologue" was created by Yang Kai using inflatable PVC laminated fabric on steel wire. The artist hopes to encourage the viewers to respect nature and to make them understand that nature will not change because of the actions of humans. The King Street Wharf Christmas Tree can be seen in the distance.


  1. I was just telling our Grace [Perth] that Australia is the heart of contemporary Art in my eye!

    1. Yes, Grace has featured some terrific art from Perth too.

  2. ha, they are artworks! I thought dinghies.

  3. Laminated fabric on steel wire is an interesting choice for art works! Especially seen in the water:) Thank you for sharing this these interesting maritime subjects related to art for All Seasons! Have a great January week! Juniteper/Jesh StG


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