Monday, 7 January 2019

Maroubra, mural

This mural of a Toucan in the jungle is on a shed at the former Maroubra Bowling Club along Malabar Road, in the eastern suburb of Maroubra. The site is no longer used for lawn bowls but the "Bowlo" recreation club is still in operation. Plans to redevelop the site into a health care facility have been submitted to the local council.


  1. Interesting that they chose a toucan which is found in Central and South America, rather than a bird native to Australia.

    NIce mural!

    best... mae at

    1. Mae, I did wonder what the relevance was. Maybe the artist is South American.

  2. Replies
    1. Tom, I googled the name and apparently they are an infamous graffiti gang in Sydney so I'd say this artwork is completely illegal.

    2. Illegal artwork is what you find to say... 90% here, I´d say.
      Unusual but very beautiful, cheery mural!

    3. I'm not against these works in certain places if they look like this sort of artwork. Just as long as they're not vandalising property or public transport.

  3. Beautiful and colourful! I hope they keep the mural when they redevelop the site. Thanks for participating Jim.

  4. Illegal though it might be, it's still crossing the line from graffiti into street art.

  5. Someday I want to see a toucan in person. In the meantime, this art will do.


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