Sunday, 21 July 2019

Strathfield, Holyrood

A religious sculpture at Santa Sabina College.stands in front of Holyrood, a heritage listed house on the corner of The Boulevarde and Jersey Road, in the inner west suburb of Strathfield. It was built in 1911 using the elaborate stone façade in the Baroque style from the original City Bank building in Pitt Street, designed by George Allen Mansfield, which was gutted by fire in 1890. The stonework was dismantled and transported in sections to this site. In 1936 it became part of the Catholic private school.


  1. What a grand old building, replete with grand shadows!

  2. The stone facade, taken from a bank building, looks very regal. What an ironic transformation :)

  3. Interesting history! Sort of reminds me of how the sites of Roman structures were used by locals to build new homes, etc.

  4. A beautiful façade in the Baroque style.
    Splendid sculpture. I am delighted with him.
    Greetings, Jim.

  5. ...beautiful statue, we all need an angel now and then.


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