Saturday 7 March 2020

Circular Quay, light rail stop

The Circular Quay Light Rail Stop is located at the northern end of the Central Business District on Alfred Street, between Pitt Street and Loftus Street, beside Circular Quay railway station. It is the final destination on the CBD and South East Light Rail service, which opened in December 2019. These trams will soon be departing for the eastern suburb of Randwick and Chalmers Street at Central railway station, at the southern end of the Central Business District.


  1. I love that you captured it on a time that they are side by side :) These reminds mo of the tram stops in Paris near the place where I stayed at :)

  2. Two beauties side by side. Great shot!

  3. Gosh it took a long time before Sydney (re)installed a public transport system that doesn't foul the air with petrol. Well done!

  4. Looks like a fast way to get around the city!


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