Monday, 9 March 2020

Dulwich Hill, graffiti art

This graffiti art is on the side of a house on the corner of Hercules Street and Kintore Street, in the inner west suburb of Dulwich Hill.


  1. Even though it's monochrome it still looks great! Thanks for participating Jim.

  2. I could hardly concentrate on the mural. You have a Hercules Street?!
    My Brother once said "Let´s out Hercules" when I was not able to help him carrying something heavy. He really did it! What a find, wonderful (and yes, it looks happy and is well done, too).

  3. This is the most beautiful "graffiti" art I've ever seen. Lovely find.

  4. Nice mural like a kind of blueprint.

  5. Do not see many murals around here. This is definitely an eye catcher,


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