Tuesday, 17 March 2020

World Square, Year of the Rat

This fun sculpture has been installed in the World Square shopping centre this year to celebrate the Year of the Rat. ‘The Ratrobats’ are part of a troupe of eight, showing off their acrobatic skills, inspired by the ancient tradition of Chinese acrobats and performers.


  1. This looks really cute Jim! My student says its starting to get cooler there in Sydney. Be well!


    1. Yes, Steven. It feels cool, like Autumn has arrived. Although the forecast is for another blast of Summer on Friday.

  2. Nice, it looks like a fun thing to put out.

  3. I love this photo, put a smile on my face too! I actually first thought it was for St Patrick's Day. Thanks for sharing.

  4. How much fun they are! Have a Happy St Patrick's Day!

  5. You have shared a ton of these art installations over the years. This must be my most fave of them all. I love the whimsy and cheerfulness that this piece brings especially in these troubled times. Thanks.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  6. A fun sculpture, help bring a smile when we need one. - Margy


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