Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Tempe, railway station

The concourse entrance to Tempe railway station viewed from the car park beside Richardson Crescent, in the inner west suburb of Tempe. Tempe once was a junction of the Illawarra and East Hills railway lines but now is only served by Sydney Trains T4 Illawarra line. The station was originally built in 1884 and this footbridge was built in 1918 by Dorman Long.


  1. I thought you were posting about Tempe Arizona for a second - interesting coincidence in the names.
    Thanks for sharing at

    1. Both named after the Vale of Tempe in ancient Greece.

  2. Cool shot of the station. Trains make me smile :)

    It's delightful to see you over at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

  3. it looks original love from Katowice poland


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