Monday, 15 June 2020

Hurstville, mural

This mural is in Hurstville Interchange Open Air Gallery Park, along Forest Road, in the southern suburb of Hurstville. The park features temporary public art which changes every few months with different themes. This triptych mural was created by Sydney artist Chris Yee for the Lunar New Year to celebrate the Year of The Rat


  1. Those are the friendliest rats I've ever seen. It's wonderful local artists have an opportunity to create without fear of their art being destroyed. It's a truly noble project and a lovely triptych, too.

  2. Sad it´s only temporary. Good you have it here!

  3. Very colourful and I can see the gigantic rats :)
    Thanks for contributing Jim

  4. You have always shared the most interesting murals. I sure do appreciate seeing them. I hope your weekend is blessed and beautiful. HUGS across the miles.


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