Saturday, 11 July 2020

Balmain, Parramatta River

A view across Parramatta River from Fitzroy Avenue Reserve, in the inner west suburb of Balmain.  Greenwich and high rise buildings at North Sydney can be seen on the North Shore and the boats are moored around the Balmain Sailing Club.


  1. The sunlight on the water, trees and moored boats, even in July, looks gorgeous.

  2. Wow, Jim, that harbor looks sooo peaceful, across the water is looking busy and frentic.

  3. Lovely view! The river seems to be calm.

  4. Your photo makes me wish I were taking a sailboat out into that beautiful light.

  5. Beautiful water view and makes me think of vacation! Right vacation sounds very good anywhere in the world:) Many thanks Jim for sharing this enviable place with All Seasons! Have a relaxing week, Jesh


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