Thursday, 2 July 2020

Chippendale, Local Memory

Looking back at a temporary public art project called "Artists In Residence" on the heritage brewery buildings at Central Park site, in the inner city suburb of Chippendale. "Local Memory" by Brook Andrew comprises of a series of portraits of people who worked in or were associated with the brewery's history between 1909 and 1998. The 18 portraits are almost 3 metres high each and fit neatly into the exposed grid of floors and walls on the northern exterior wall of the old Irving Street Brewery building.


  1. ...a great way to add some interest to this wall.

  2. Looks like people looking out their windows----well sorta

  3. The photos have an interesting effect and make the building look extraordinary!
    Gorgeous idea to do that!

  4. Big in more than one way!
    Oh, and since you liked the kangaroos, maybe have a look here at Wendy Binks, Stunned Emu Designs, she´s in Freo.


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