Sunday, 5 July 2020

Tempe, Uniting Church Siaola Congregation

The Siaola Congregation is a Tongan Parish of the Uniting Church which is located on the corner of Union Street and Unwins Bridge Road, in the inner west suburb of Tempe. It was built in 1933 in the Inter-War style.


  1. Olá ! belo post. Quando você puder me visite.

  2. A very interesting building. I am wondering the age of the building. As I looked for that info it showed the congregation began in 1977 but the style of the building looks older. Great job peaking my interest in the background of what you photograph! Thanks for sharing, Jim. Peace.

  3. ...I think that "Uniting" is a wonder name for a church!

  4. Very interesting architecture. Lots of nice arches!


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