Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Ryde, Wind Vanes

Wind Vanes is an artwork in Ryde Wharf Reserve, in the north western suburb of Ryde. The reserve is on the shore of the Parramatta River near Ryde Bridge. The artwork was created in 2008 by Jane Cavanough and Graham Bartholomew using tallow wood, galvanised steel and copper to create a wind responsive work. The three tapered poles are topped with a carved rowing boat, referencing the marine history of the area. The poles arise out of a decorative mosaic paving with a marine theme created by Indigenous artists Adrina Khobane and Rebecca Jones.


  1. It's an attractive piece of artwork. Very fitting for the area.

  2. What a nice work and indeed fitting for that place. Great artwork.

  3. They have made that very beautiful and indeed fits also in this environment. Mant thanks also for your comments of one of my 2 websites. Best regards of the Netherlands.


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