Saturday, 14 November 2020

Sydney Olympic Park, creek and fountain

 A view of part of the Northern Water Feature, in the western suburb of Sydney Olympic Park. A green algal bloom currently covers a large part of Haslams Creek rising up to The Pyramid. A view of the fountain in operation can be seen here.


  1. Weird, looking at the smaller photo it looks like a computer animated photo!

  2. Your photo from 09/11/15 is VERY< VERY COOL, Jim...:)jp

  3. Jim, your fountain Reflection pasture is a winner. Especially using enlarged size viewing. When they are in action they are pretty also. Have a nice week,

  4. Enlarged, that is very impressive Jim and a great reflection

  5. To see the fountains in use is a beautiful sight. The design was well thought through. Can imagine the covering bloom is also pretty. Many thanks for sharing these beautiful designed architectural features with All Seasons! Have a great week and enjoy being freed from the lockdown! Jesh


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