Saturday, 17 April 2021

Bronte, bay

Looking at the rough surf in Nelson Bay from Bronte Baths at the southern end of Bronte Beach, in the eastern suburb of Bronte.
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  1. I like your picture a lot, Jim. And I will also come back to see more at your Wednesday post.
    Mrs. Jim and I visited Bronte Beach in 2013 while we were in Sydney. It was raining when we got there so we just stayed on the bus and came back. Bronte is a pretty town, I took some pictures up and down their High Street, now if I could just find them.

  2. A great view from where you are standing.

  3. Busy surf. I think I will stay out of it for now. LOL

  4. Beautiful view. The surfers are having a great time out there. Hope they do not get near to the rocks.

  5. Dear Jim,

    thank you for vititing my blog and your comment there :-)

    I like the sea, but in moment it is not allowed in Germany to travel there :-(

    Best regards

  6. I'm guessing that's a salt water pool otherwise it would be a bit odd having a freshwater one next to the beach.

    1. Yes, indeed it is. The water in it is from the ocean.


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