Monday, 4 July 2022

Marrickville, mural

This mural on the walls of a house on the corner of Renwick Street and Excelsior Street, in the inner west suburb of Marrickville. It features singer Prince and was painted in his memory in 2016, soon after his death.


  1. That is quite a spectacular mural of Prince, and it was artfully done 80s art deco! It is a great way as a tribute to Prince of the 80s :) Thanks for the visit
    ~ Ms. Donyarific

  2. Good one. Sad that people who have "everything" never have enough. Actually a warning, that mural...

  3. Great mural, very funky :) Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Jim

  4. I would not have guessed that it was Prince.

  5. Pretty cool find, Jim.
    We hadn't realized how much rain and flooding Sydney has had, now and before. We live in the Houston, Texas area, our former home flooded in 1979, we had 33 inches of water which came up over night. We've since moved, first to be on a hilltop but now to where rice fields used to be to be near our younger daughter and family.
    Flooding of homes and businesses is a terrible thing. I hope you can avoid yours, please stay safe.
    Jim, and

    1. Thanks, Jim. I live in a high part of Sydney which is not near the rivers or flood plains, so we are safe. It's sad that homes have been built in places that are now prone to constant flooding.

  6. I immediately thought of Prince when I saw the mural. I love how he is intertwined with the geometric shapes and "beach colors" we associate with the 80s.


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