Saturday, 30 July 2022

Aquarium Wharf, Ocean Dreaming 2

Ocean Dreaming 2 is a ferry which is used for cruising and whale watching. The indigenous artwork was created by Warwick Keen which utilises the dendroglyph technique and features the names of clans in and around Sydney Harbour. It's seen here at Aquarium Wharf in Darling Harbour, in front of Pyrmont Bridge.
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  1. Perfect for cruising and whale watching, yes. People are in a rush in most ferry trips, going about their business. But when the travel can be slow, the windows and open spaces are perfect.

  2. If I get a chance, I would love to go on a whale watching ride.

  3. The painting looks sleek. The boat is gorgeous!

  4. Your reference to dendroglyphs sent me on a Google search which informed me and also led to beautiful images of the art. The small (thumbnail) photo left me confused about the shapes I was seeing, but the enlarged version really brings out the beauty.

    1. I probably should have explained that dendroglyph is the carving of shapes and symbols into the bark of living trees.

  5. I'm keen to get out whale watching - I feel this season is slipping away!

  6. Hi, Jim. That's a pretty boat find, reminds me of the airboat we took going alligator watching in Louisianna. Our guide lured the gators close by throwing food out where he's seen them before. If you come our way this would be a nice outing for you. I've not gone wake watching but we did find some from our cruise ship now and the. Sorry to be late.
    Jim, with a computer still on the outside with google,


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