Thursday 12 January 2023

Brighton-Le-Sands, bank


The former Commonwealth Bank is located along Bay Street, in the southern suburb of Brighton-Le-Sands. It was built in the art deco style and now houses a Thai restaurant and office space on the first floor. A view of the bank before it was redeveloped can be see here.
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  1. It is a wonderful building. You can see the details better in the original shot.

  2. Agreed that the original Deco bank building was wonderful. However I am glad that the ground floor is now largely glass, free of awful advertising

    1. I just wish they had kept the grand entrance and stairs on the ground floor, even if they were not functional and just there for decoration.

  3. I like the old one better. Times are changing I guess. Glad that they left the upper part as is.

  4. It looks very art deco/1930s maybe, good to see it still standing.


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