Wednesday 10 January 2024

Waverley, shops


These shops with residences above are located along Bronte Road, in the eastern suburb of Waverley. The historic buildings have recently been restored and redeveloped as offices for a physiotherapist, real estate agent and law firm. The gated entrance leads to new apartment buildings behind them.
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  1. My beloved grew up in Bronte Rd Waverly and was very much at home there. I wonder if he would recognise the shops now, having graduated and left Sydney in Dec 1970.

    1. I'd say these would look familiar but now they've been spruced up.

  2. These do indeed look historic and well restored. It makes me think of a simpler time - bobby socks and drive-in movies.
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  3. The restoration of heritage buildings is always good

  4. Restoration is the way to go rather than redevelopment!

  5. it is good to see them restoring and retaining the old buildings. Enjoy your week, have a fabulous 2024 and thankyou for visiting my blog this week.


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