Saturday 23 March 2024

Pitt Street, Sugar House

This heritage listed building was built on the site of Sydney's first sugar exchange, on the corner of Pitt Street and King Street. It was built in 1879 in the Victorian Italianate style as a hotel for Sydney businessman, William Mears. It was first managed by Edward Trickett, a world champion sculler, and known as "Trickett's Hotel", later renamed "Kings Hotel". It was adapted to commercial use after its closure and renamed "Sugar House" with various tenants. It was restored and redeveloped in 2023 to become a Ralph Lauren boutique over four floors and a private rooftop. 


  1. Never bought a luxury item in ny life, nice architecture.

  2. WOW, that really is a beautiful building and it has such an interesting history!

  3. The Victorian Italianate style was very handsome and has survived well. Selecting a corner site was even more attractive.

    1. It's good that this building have survived because so many have been demolished to make way for skyscrapers.

  4. beautiful building. as are the two small ones on viewer's right hand side. all three dwarfed by huge modern skyscrapers.


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