Monday, 9 February 2009

Laiki Bank House, Castlereagh Street

This heritage listed building in Castlereagh Street was once the City South Telephone Exchange, built in 1922 and designed by commonwealth architect John Smith Murdoch, in the commercial palazzo style. To deal with the expanding city, a new telephone exchange was built next door many years later, with a less attractive facade. When advances in technology meant that telephone exchange equipment could be contained in a much smaller site, so the older building was vacated and sold by Telstra, the telecommunications company. The building was restored and now houses the Consulate of Greece, as well as a bank branch and headquarters of Laiki Bank (Popular Bank of Greece).


  1. Ahha ... that would explain the blue and white flag.

    I like this series, Jim.

  2. Thanks Julie. I have quite a few photographs of heritage buildings in Sydney. I'm trying to source historical facts about each one of them before I post.

  3. Ouu so nice to see a Laiki bank abroad! :) Im from Cyprus, so seeing one in here isnt so exciting lol


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