Monday, 16 February 2009

Yowie Bay

A view of the Port Hacking estuary from the southern suburb of Yowie Bay. Curiously, there is no definitive explanation for how this bay and the suburb were named. Yowie or Ewey is an Aboriginal name that means 'place of echoes'. In the early days the area was known as 'Ewey Bay' and it has been suggested this was a corruption of ewes, which are female sheep. A Yowie is also a mythological Australian bush creature and a creature from Aboriginal folklore but there doesn't seem to be a connection to either of those.


  1. Beautiful place. Looks very calm and nice. Very good photos!

  2. I know this place well: my father and his wife used to live on a water-front block. The area is quite gorgeous ...

  3. You had much better weather than when I was last down that way.

  4. Now this would be a dream come true for me; a boat in the front yard! Your city is a treasure - thanks for "visiting" San Diego and allowing me to visit yours!

    I was in Sydney just for a day years ago. I'd love to return with my husband some day. Love your country and people!




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