Monday, 6 July 2009

Cabarita, Federation Pavilion

This Federation Pavilion is located at Cabarita Park in the inner west suburb of Cabarita. It was originally located in Centennial Park, where Governor General Lord Hopetoun proclaimed the Federation of Australia in 1901 but was later moved to Cabarita Park.


  1. What a glorious building, I imagine there wouldn't be too many of them left, certainly not in that good a condition.

  2. I agree: I love the shape and the details. But why on earth did they move it from Centennial Park ... and why to Cabarita.

    Federation Valley in CP has a very sombre building to commemorate the proclaimation. This jaunty little number would lighten the atmosphere mightily!

  3. Why they moved it from Centennial Park to Cabarita is a mystery to me too. I've searched the internet and I also use The Book of Sydney Suburbs by Frances Pollon to find out about landmarks around Sydney but can't find any reason.

  4. I love pavilions... they were so simple to build, easy to locate in a park or beach, and great for the public to use. So Australian!

    This is an unusually designed pavilion, I think. I haven't seen one before that was quite the same, with the long timber shades coming down from the roof and nothing on the ground.

    I too am sorry it was moved from the important location where the Governor General actually proclaimed the Federation of Australia in 1901. That is what it was for, after all!


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