Saturday, 25 July 2009

Walsh Bay, ferry wharf

The Walsh Bay ferry wharf sits alongside Pier 2, of the larger finger wharf. In the background you can see a row of terrace houses above the sandstone outcrop at Dawes Point and below the southern onramp to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


  1. I wouldn't mind living in a terrace house if it was located there.

  2. Gosh darn it! Did I miss my 9 AM ferry again! I hate to wait!

  3. Lovely shot of the sandstone cutting for Hickson Road, Jim. Must keep that angle in mind for when I go down there again at the beginning of September. One of my favourite spots of the inner city.

  4. Some of the buildings you photographed, both pre-Federation and 20th century, are wonderful. But I couldn't find a place to leave Comments on the other blog.

    Kogarah Community Centre is amazing!! Who commissioned that design and who was the architect? What do people think of it now?

    many thanks
    Art and Architecture, mainly

  5. Hels
    The Kogarah Community was the old Kogarah Post office. My St George blog actually contains photos that originally appeared on this Sydney - City and Suburbs blog. It's like the best of the best of the St George area because that's where I grew up and still live today. You can find those photos here, sometimes with more information, by doing a 'Search Blog' at the top or following the Suburb 'Labels' down the right hand side. You can leave comments on these pages because I keep track of them.

  6. Hey, J - looks like we are off chasing ferrys again. ;)
    Loved so many of the posts since the last ferry sighting - esp. the firehouses series and the interesting patterns on the sports center.

  7. Yes, we are all raking similar ground, but it is interesting to see the different treatments of the same areas.

  8. Beautiful! I love vineyards.These pics make me want to come visit.


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