Monday, 14 March 2011

Phillip Street, water police station

This sandstone building in Phillip Street was originally designed for the Water Police as a station and lock-up. It was designed by Alexander Dawson and built in 1858. It remained in continuous use for police purposes until 1985. It is now part of the Justice and Police Museum along with the court house next door, which I'll show tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful sandstone building of exactly the right design. Fits in perfectly.

    But what are those extra vertical and horizontal timbers across the veranda? Not added security, surely. Perhaps they were frames for later glass enclosures.

  2. Looks friendly to me.

    Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  3. Hels, It does look like there are extra timbers to requirements but I think they are part of the original design.

  4. That's a lovely building and I'll check back tomorrow before I ask some questions.

  5. Oh, yes, I remember this building, as well as the building next door. I'll be back in 24 hours.

  6. I guess it's "sandstone monday" jim. It is a lovely building, I have always wanted to go inside here but have never had a chance.

  7. I always walk on the other side - close to it, it looks much better in your photo.

  8. What a beautiful building for a police station and lockup, Jim!
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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