Saturday, 26 March 2011

Pyrmont, lamp and bench

This lamp, tiered bench and decorative pergola are located at the Pyrmont end of the pedestrian walkway on the Anzac Bridge. I chose this photo to highlight Earth Hour, an annual event to to raise awareness of the need to take action on climate change. Participants switch off lights and electrical equipment for one hour at 8.30pm on the last Saturday of March. Earth Hour started in Sydney in 2007 with approximately 2.2 million people and 2,100 businesses taking part. It has grown every year and spread across the world, with 4,000 cities and 128 countries involved in 2010.


  1. What a beautiful scene.

    As I still have lessons at that time, it will be a challenge indeed. Probaby mostly enjoyed by students ;)
    A good weekend for you.

    daily athens

  2. i shall take part in earth hour. almost forgotten about it

  3. there is a gazebo in a park near me that looks a lot like this scene
    I love how that reaches across the world :)

    your Sydney Opera House photos are magnificent!

  4. Cool event...and cool pergola shadow! Happy SSS :)

  5. Striking photograph. I really haven't heard much about earth hour so I'm a little intrigued.

  6. Striking photograph. I really haven't heard much about earth hour so I'm a little intrigued.

  7. Fantastic shadows cast. Mine will be up later today.

  8. Great shadow shot. Earth hour is a great way to raise awareness that we all need to do something no matter how small.

  9. Awesome!!! Shot! I missed Sydney.

    I joined Earth Hour since it was started and every last Sunday of the month I switch off all electricity at home. MB not helpful, however, I am trying, or at least!

    Happy SSS...

  10. Oh I do like this...a lot!! So decorative. And it being a night shot makes it all the more cool.

    Your comments are always welcomed as is your company!! Have a great Sunday!

    My Sunday Blog Post Link

  11. This looks like a giant spider, with the pointy legs. In NZ, they say Aussie spiders are so big.

  12. Great photo and a lovely place! We celebrated Earth Day here as well! Hope you have a great week ahead, Jim!


  13. What a pretty design.
    Great shadows!


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