Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Five Dock, Domremy College

This fence and elaborate gate, an entrance to Domremy College, are located on First Avenue, in the inner west suburb of Five Dock. The Catholic church bought this estate in 1911 and created a private school, administered by the Presentation Order Sisters until 1997. It had developed infants, primary and secondary departments but the the infants and primary departments of the College were phased out. It is now a Catholic girls high school for Years 7 to 12.


  1. Looks like that college has a lot of fascinating architecture.

  2. You have already tomorrou!? Ok! Merry C from Finland!

  3. Nice that they still running the place and the school. Great shot!

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  4. Beautiful capture and what a great looking college! And, of course, I love your blue skies! Hope your week is off to a great start, Jim!


  5. So many old schools have become office buildings, it's nice to see they're still using this grand old place. And I do see a spot of yellow to the right of the gate, Jim!
    Nice work, as always.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  6. Beautiful architecture!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. A role model of institution, probably not only from its architecture.
    Please have a good Tuesday.

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  8. I would love to be teaching there. It is a beautiful site. Those girls are fortunate to have such a lovely place to go to for their schooling. I spent many years with the Dominican nuns, but out buildings were dull compared to this. Lovely shot. genie

  9. Looks like a pretty secure fence, looks beautiful.

  10. I have never heard of this school Jim, an impressive website.

  11. They don't make fences like that anymore!


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  12. really neat entrance! thanks for linking to good fences!

  13. Nearly as impressive gates as the ones I have posted this week leaingin to Phoenix Park in Dublin

  14. Catholic girls... hahahha.....having to be kept inside by fences..oh, wait...maybe it's to keep others out.....


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