Sunday, 2 December 2012

Lavender Bay

The view from the north shore suburb of Lavender Bay, looking across the bay to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Luna Park, the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour. The cruise ship which had just departed from the Overseas Passenger Terminal is the Voyager of the Seas, one of the largest in the world.


  1. HOW do those huge cruise ships maneuver in the harbor??

    1. The harbour is big but this ship is huge. They must have skilful captains.

  2. It's an outstanding photo for the bridges meme. I used to watch cruise ships in Mazatlán, México and I marvelled at how they could turn on a dime.

  3. Great photo, you know I do love that bridge. I haven't been to Lavender Bay :(

    For vessels of 30 metres or more in length it is compulsory to have a Pilot board to navigate them through the harbour.

  4. Another great perspective on Sydney harbor.

  5. That is one busy port. Nice bridge. Love those old stone pillars on each end. It is amazing how many different things you were able to capture in this shot. It is hard to count them all. genie

  6. Jim this is a fantastic shot. It shows so well the comings and goings in one of the worlds busiest harbours. I just love the name Lavender Bay and of course the bridge, you know how I feel about that.


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