Monday 17 December 2012

The Rocks, First Impressions, The Soldier

"First Impressions" is a sculpture located in Playfair Street in The Rocks. This sandstone relief was created by Bud Dumas in 1979 as a memorial to the convicts, soldiers and settlers who made up the original settlement at The Rocks. This side of the sculpture features "The Soldier". The First Fleet arrived in 1788 with 211 marines to protect the settlement and preserve good order among the convicts. The soldier represented here is modelled on the New South Wales Corps, which was raised as a permanent body of troops for the new colony, with the first 100 strong detachment arriving in 1790 with the Second Fleet. This monument also features "The Convict" and "The Settlers".
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  1. Love it. The yellow caps are like little after thoughts.

  2. A creative, interesting sculpture! Love how the sculpture builds its own frame!

  3. A very poignant sculpture with the soldier, like a ghost, walking into his tomb. A lovely shot Jim.

  4. Clever idea of the sculpture to sculpt the negative space.

  5. Very clever how the soldier is cut into the rock.

  6. It looks as if it's dug out of the stone rather than a relief. Thanks for sharing this blue sky.

    Happy Blue Monday, Jim.

    1. A relief usually rises from the wall or base but can also sink into it. :)

  7. One of a kind. Thanks for the interesting story as well.


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